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Please note – It is very important that your tax preparer receive the following information:

  • a detailed copy of your previous year’s tax return (new clients)
  • your Notice of Assessment for 2017
  • receipts for any tax instalments made during the year

Personal information

For:  self, spouse and dependents:

  • Name, address, birth dates, SIN #, email address, phone number
  • address changes, marital status (with date of change)

Personal Claims

  • Child care – name, address and social insurance number of daycare provider required
  • Alimony/ child support paid – name, address and social insurance number of person receiving payments required, and a copy of the separation/ support agreement if not previously submitted
  • Interest on student loan payments
  • Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax
  • Grant Notice
  • RRSP Contributions
  • UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit – RC62)
  • Charitable Donations (Registered Charities receipts must be provided)
  • Medical Expenses (certification required for prescriptions, travel over 40 kms, meals, etc…)
  • Foreign income
  • Status regarding Canadian Indian

T Slips

  • T4, T4A – wages and pension income
  • T3, T5, T5008 – Interest and Investment
  • Income
  • T5007/RL-5 Social Assistance, worker’s comp
  • T5013/T5013A – Statement of partnership income
  • T600 – Canada Savings Bonds, etc…
  • T4OAS – Old age security
  • T4E – Employment insurance
  • T4RIF, T4A, T4RSP – Pension and annuity income
  • Union or professional dues not on T4 slips

Investments and Property

  • Details of foreign property owned – shares of foreign companies, rental properties, etc…
  • Investments on which interest has been earned, but not received
  • Capital dispositions (sale/redemption of mutual funds, sale of shares, real estate)
  • Details of rental income earned and expenses – Property tax OR rent paid on your residence (receipts are imperative for claim)


  • Details of business income and expenses Union/ Association Dues
  • Health and dental plan costs (self-employed)
  • Charitable Donations (receipts must be provided)

Business Use of Home Office

Compile these expenses for a yearly total to be prorated for the use of space in your house to earn business revenue:

  • Heat
  • Hydro
  • Mortgage interest
  • Property tax
  • House insurance
  • Telephone and internet
  • Repairs and maintenance

Business Use of Vehicle

Compile these expenses for a yearly total to be prorated for the use of your vehicle to earn business revenue:

  • Car insurance
  • Parking
  • Gas and oil
  • Car/ lease payments with amount of interest if included
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • KM’S driven for the year total and KM’s driven for the year for business